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Department of Spatial Planning


At the intersection of planning, space and transformation.

The field of Spatial Transformation in the Digital Age addresses questions that deal with societal transformation towards sustainability and, in particular, its spatial implications. At the intersection of planning theory perspectives and action-based planning approaches and tools, we are concerned with how societal transformations take place in our regions, cities, and neighborhoods, how they change them, and what prerequisites the respective spaces have for change. Finally, from a planning perspective, we are concerned with helping to shape the spatial development of our environment in the sense of a sustainable way of life.

The interface between planning, space and transformation can be further described by the focal points of the department: from the foundation of theoretical principles of planning sciences to the development of integrated spatial perspectives and the study of socio-spatial transformation. More

The department leads different (research) projects in the above-mentioned focal areas and at their interfaces. The spectrum ranges from a social-ecological research group to the management of international working groups to concrete research projects in individual cities and municipalities. More