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Department of Spatial Planning
MSc lecture seminar

Urban Planning and the Mobility Turnaround in Suburban Areas - Reflections on Planning Theory

The transformation towards a sustainable mobility system - also called mobility turnaround - places complex demands also on urban planning. From the perspective of planning theory, very different processes are conceivable between political ideas, planning instruments, and social discourses: incremental step-by-step procedures, strategic planning as management on the part of the city administration, governance approaches with a multitude of actors, or wait-and-see reactions to political decisions are just a few of the conceivable roles that planning can take on. The positioning of planning is particularly interesting in suburban areas, where the mobility turnaround seems to be even more difficult to achieve due to the dispersed settlement structure and the high volume of commuting.

The aim of this event is a reflection on planning theory, how urban planning in suburban areas deals with the demands of a mobility turnaround. Based on an analysis of documents and plans, we will analyze and discuss different roles of urban planning, building on a theoretical classification of planning. In addition to an empirical analysis, the reading of planning theory literature is required as a basis for the discussions.

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