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Department of Spatial Planning
MSc lecture seminar

Real labs as an instrument of urban development? The socio spatial contribution of sustainability experiments to societal transformation

Real labs and sustainability experiments are seen as the new, innovative means of testing sustainable solutions, encouraging sustainable lifestyles and implementing innovations on a temporary and thus trial basis. The goal is to learn from these experiments and at the same time to drive urban development "from below", thus giving images and narratives to the Great Transformation and addressing solutions together. These transformations will continue to significantly shape our cities and neighborhoods, our regions and landscapes, and determine how we will live and what a sustainable lifestyle might look like. In the weekly seminar, we will first learn the conceptual basics of what constitutes such a reallaboratory, how it could be interesting for urban development and planning, and get to know examples.

The aim of the seminar is to be able to assess reallabs as an instrument of urban development and to analyze their socio-spatial effects on the basis of an example. Thereby we do not only refer to physical-material changes of the sustainability experiments, but beyond that effects on the local people, what they do and the discussion about a transformation towards sustainability.

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