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Department of Spatial Planning

International Research


As a PhD student in the MoveMe project, Nadezda Krasilnikova is investigating the potential of flexible living and working arrangements for transport-saving spatial development.

In 2020, she conducted research on "work and work-related mobility" in Russia. For the analysis of work-related mobility in Russian cities, Nadezda Krasilnikova organized and conducted a survey in three different spatial types of the metropolitan city of Chelyabinsk in February 2020. The aim was to understand the mobility behavior of traditional and flexible employees at the regional and local level. Hägerstrand's theory, on the temporal and spatial barriers to individual mobility, served as a basis. A total of 670 questionnaires were collected. Finally, three publication appeared in Russian. An English language publication, focusing on the interactions between space and mobility at regional and local levels, will follow.