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Department of Spatial Planning

We explore the socio-spatial perspective on transformation processes in the digital age.

Collaboration on the DiDaT White Paper


150 scientists and practitioners present orientations and signposts for a responsible handling of digital data as results of a two-year transdisciplinary process. Prof. Dr. Meike Levin-Keitel was able to contribute her specialist expertise to the white paper "Digitale Daten als Gegenstand eines transdisziplinären Prozesses" (DiDaT) as a co-author in the chapter on mobility and space.

Digitalization is changing our lives and has resulted in a fundamental transformation of many areas - in the form of benefits, but also of undesirable side effects. Sustainability research now faces the challenge of identifying the unintended side effects (the so-called "unseens") of the digital transformation. It should develop strategies that enable societies to deal appropriately with these undesirable effects.

The chapter ("Impact and digitization on personal mobility and connectes spaces – summarizing the unseens of digital mobility", in German only) shows that the digitization of mobility will lead to (1) a new way of dealing with mobility data, which will enable innovative (2) mobility offerings, which in turn will (3) change social and physical spatial references, as well as (4) influence resource consumption and may cause a (5) change in value creation for manufacturers and operators. Unintended side effects of digitalization in the field of personal mobility are uncovered, in particular possible undesirable developments with regard to transport, social and environmental policy goals (Unseens: "Unintended side effects"). The team of authors discusses causes and develops sustainable recommendations for measures based on socially robust orientations and at the same time pleads for governance for digital infrastructures and mobility data to be negotiated by the mobility stakeholders in the sense of common goods.

The white paper and further documents can be downloaded here.