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Department of Spatial Planning

We explore the socio-spatial perspective on transformation processes in the digital age.

Joint research workshop of RTD and RAM

© René Westerholt​​/​​TU Dort­mund

The subject areas "Spatial Transformation in the Digital Age" (RTD) and "Spatial Modeling" (RAM) both focus strongly on the topic of digitization. Both disciplines have different goals and approaches, which, in combination, can lead to interesting interdisciplinary synergy effects. To better exploit these synergies in the future, RTD and RAM held a first joint research workshop. After short introductions by the department heads Jun.-Prof. Dr. Meike Levin-Keitel and Jun.-Prof. Dr. René Westerholt, all employees first presented their projects and research ideas in the form of short talks. This was the basis for the main part, which took place in the form of speed dating to identify overlaps in content and methodology. In this way, not only obvious but also less obvious and thus surprising potentials for possible future cooperation became visible. The workshop is not intended to remain a singular event and will be continued in the future with further formats of a similar nature in order to expand and strengthen collaborations and exchange between RTD and RAM.