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Department of Spatial Planning
MSc lecture seminar

Mobile transition in urban and rural areas - good practices from a planning perspective

The mobile transition is currently being discussed in many different disciplines and is the subject of much attention from different groups of actors in our neighborhoods, cities and regions. The spatial planning perspective on the transformation to a sustainable mobility system plays an important role: which actors can implement which measures? In which spaces do which measures work? In the seminar, we will develop a systematic catalog of meaningful strategies and innovative design elements of sustainable mobility from a spatial-planning perspective. The aim is to give an overview of the spectrum of numerous possibilities to shape the transformation to sustainable mobility. The explicitly planning approach of our analyses makes us aware of how spatially sensitive these measures have to be in order to unfold their full potential: is the measure suitable for an urban or rural area? Does the measure aim at traffic avoidance or modal shift? What spatial conditions are required for this? The result is a good-practice catalog that we develop together.

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